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When your solar panels produce energy, your business needs to use it right away. But it’s pretty common for your panels to produce more energy than you actually need, so what happens to all of the extra power? Under normal circumstances, it’s sent back to the public utility grid. But what if you could keep the excess energy your panels produce during the day for use in low-production or non-production hours? Thanks to falling costs in materials and rapidly improving technology, that idea is now possible today with commercial battery storage solutions.

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A battery storage solution from the Norwalk commercial solar installation experts at PurePoint Energy can help you make the most of your solar energy system by saving even more of the electricity your panels produce and keeping it for when you need it. We can help you by outfitting your business with a commercial battery storage solution that flawlessly integrates with your existing solar panel system. Low-light days or night-time hours will no longer be a worry—you’ll still enjoy an abundance of clean, renewable solar energy that you produced, which lets you keep costs down and avoid the expensive hassle of demand charges. And the overwhelming majority of these installations are self-funding, which means that they pay for themselves over time in the monthly savings they create.

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Avoiding Demand Charges

As a business owner, you’re probably keenly aware of one of the largest expenses on your electric bill every month: demand charges. Demand charges are a cost associated with when your business uses the most electricity each day, and when that peak of demand is. Sometimes a demand charge can account for as much as 50 percent of your monthly bill, and that’s a great reason to try and avoid them as much as possible.

A solar energy storage solution integrated into your business can help you do just that. The controller software analyzes when your peak power needs are, and then turns the batteries on to supply you with extra power during these times, reducing your demand and keeping costs low.

Take an Integrated Approach

SunPower’s unique plug-and-play technology makes adding energy storage to your existing system as easy as possible. The products we offer are designed to integrate seamlessly with SunPower’s software, and connection to the Helix platform is as simple as plug-and-play! Purchasing solar energy storage also allows you to take full advantage of the federal income tax credit (ITC), something you wouldn’t be able to do if you were simply installing energy storage alone.

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