Helix Platform by SunPower

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Helix Platform Introduction

Call the Norwalk Commercial Solar Experts

Solar technology isn’t just for powering your home—your business can benefit as well! If you’re looking for a way to save money on your overhead costs as well as reduce your carbon footprint, switching to solar can help you accomplish these goals and take advantage of many other perks. However, many manufacturers simply build one type of panel and then market it to both residential and commercial customers. The truth is that while the concept might be the same, commercial and residential customers have radically different needs and demands.

That’s why we’re proud to offer the Helix™ platform from SunPower®, one of the leading names in solar panel technology and manufacturing. The Helix system is the first solar panel model that’s specifically designed with commercial customers in mind, offering businesses the true power of seamless integration. Every part of the Helix solar panel system is designed to fit together perfectly, with as minimal of a risk of failure or mistakes as possible. From the solar cells that produce the power to the software designed to control it, everything works flawlessly with the rest of the system for the best experience, powerful results, and exceptional value.

The Norwalk solar experts at PurePoint Energy are proud to be a preferred installer for the Helix solar platform system! Call us at (203) 989-2905 today to request more information about switching your building or business over to solar!

Benefits of the Helix Platform

The Helix platform was the first solar platform designed exclusively for commercial use, and to this day it remains the unequaled leader in this rapidly growing and expanding market. This system offers unparalleled flexibility, seamless integration, and an aesthetically-pleasing design in addition to industry-leading durability and performance over more than two decades of use.

The Helix platform offers solar panels for the following applications:

  • Rooftops
  • Carports
  • Ground-mounted
  • Tracker (pivoting) panels

Features of the Helix Platform

The Helix platform is designed to maximize the efficiency of your panels while also making it extremely easy to outfit your building with panels. No more worrying about pesky, time-consuming wiring, no more stressing about something not working properly. The result is nothing but reliable, easy to manage power right from the sun.

The Helix platform utilizes unique, proprietary roof mounting, which features lifetime-durability cable management technology that prevents crimps, folds, or creases in your wiring. This prevents unexpected problems and offers outstanding protection from the elements in outdoor applications. The energy management software is equipped with Wi-Fi connectivity, and can supply you with a complete picture of your system right from the easy-to-use SunPower software.

Start integrating your business to solar today! Contact PurePoint Energy and request a solar consultation to learn more about integrating the Helix system into your facility.