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For a Cleaner, Brighter Future.

Call (203) 989-2905 to start saving with PurePoint Energy.

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The Benefits of SunPower PV Panels

  • The highest quality photovoltaic panels
  • Long lasting solar energy systems
  • A leader in the solar industry
  • Efficient and affordable solar solutions
  • Higher standards of customer service
  • Beautiful and intelligent designs
  • Financing options to fit your budget
  • Safeguard you against rate hikes
  • Incentives, tax credits, and funding available
  • Highly-trained and experienced technicians

Getting Solar Panels has Never Been Simpler

Our clients are our #1 priority, which starts from the moment you contact us. (203) 989-2905

  • Over the phone qualification
  • Solar energy performance mapping
  • Free initial solar energy consultations
  • Customized, accurate proposals
  • Installation & performance monitoring

Make the Switch to Solar in 3 Steps

  • Schedule Your InspectionOur Norwalk solar experts perform an initial property inspection then design a beautiful and smart energy systems.

  • Installation is EasyPurePoint Energy only uses the best technology in the business. Our photovoltaic panels last you for years to come.

  • Start Saving TodayWe will activate your new energy system to make sure you start saving you on your monthly bills from get go.

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