Comparing Solar Panel Warranties

Choosing the right solar panels for your home or business will depend on your priorities. Those priorities may revolve around price, efficiency, aesthetics, company stability, and warranty. The warranty for example can expose a lot of key factors about a solar manufacturer that you must know before purchasing solar panels. For instance, if a module needs replacing will that company also pay for the labor and shipping associated with replacing the defective panel? Or, is there a difference in the length of the number of years the modules are product warrantied vs material or workmanship warrantied? Where a company is headquartered could also be an important factor in regards to customer service and responsiveness. Be sure to take a deep dive into discussing solar warranties with your sales representative. How well they are able to answer your questions will either increase or decrease a company’s credibility.

Some other key tips for choosing solar panels:

  • Homeowners who get multiple quotes typically save 10% more on the price.
  • The biggest installers do not necessarily offer the best price, or offer the best equipment.
  • Compare all equipment options (and their benefits) when comparing proposals. All systems are not created equal.

Below you will find the top 6 solar panel manufacturers and a comparison of the details of their warranty:

Compare solar warranties with this graph