Finance commercial solar with C-PACE

What is C-PACE?

Commercial Property Assessed Clean Energy is a program that will allow you to pay for green improvements such as solar for your commercial property while also improving the property value. The program offers low-interest capital with terms up to 25 years. This option does not impact your company’s balance sheet unlike standard financing.

How does C-PACE work?

This innovative financing works by creating an assessment lien on the property that is repaid in installments with property taxes. This makes the property taxes the only recourse. If the building is lost or defaulted on, the entity has no claim tied to their operations. If the property is sold, the agreement is transferable to the new building owner.

Why C-PACE for your commercial solar project?

C-PACE is as opportunity to finance 100% of your solar installation. Commercial solar lowers the cost of electricity and operating costs while making your property more energy efficient. With $0 down for installation, savings from solar can be seen immediately, even when paying for the system over time. SunPower solar panels, for example, will produce power for up to 40 years!

Why chose PurePoint Energy as your commercial installer?

PurePoint Energy is a highly experienced and widely trusted Connecticut solar installer that has developed commercial solar projects utilizing the C-PACE program. PurePoint also has a good relationship with the Connecticut Green Bank, through which the program is provided. Using our
expertise, PurePoint Energy will provide solar energy savings projections that will give you confidence that the savings will be greater than the investment. We enjoy finding ways to help your business save money and achieve your goals.