Where to Put Solar Panels on Your Home

Solar Panel Placement on Your Home

For decades, concerns about placement has caused many residents, homeowners, and building managers a great deal of hesitation to invest their money and hope in solar panels. Despite this, interest has increased over the years, and solar panels are becoming more and more popular, with the stereotype and concern that they are unsightly slowly disappearing from the list of concerns held by many. With increased interest, there is increased creativity when it comes to finding placement for your new, eco-friendly investment.


Perhaps the most obvious choice, placing solar panels on the top of your home will ensure that your solar panels always have the best access to all available sunlight. Though thick, unsightly black slabs have been the norm for decades, and hence, the source of the hesitation for many, there are many more aesthetically-pleasing options for contemporary consumers to control their utility bill, and positively contribute to the environment. The roof of your home will almost always come most strongly recommended for solar panel placement, but a brief consultation may yield different results.


With the huge variety of options for solar panels, even smaller roofs of smaller structures can be considered for the important job of capturing and converting sunlight to usable energy. Storage sheds are a popular possibility for people that utilize larger sheds because they are typically out-of-the-way, not within sight of the home’s front or residential street, and can feed directly into the shed’s energy system.


Safety and savings go hand-in-hand when you consider placing solar panels on your carport or detached garage. Oft-overlooked, both are excellent places for solar panels. The panels may or may not be visible from the street, a plus for many. With or without being visible, solar panels on the carport or detached garage, much like solar panels placed the top of a shed, will feed into the energy system of the carport or detached garage. This will provide a light source late into the night, making your late night commute home from work or visiting with friends or family safer. This safety comes at a significantly lower cost than adding another building onto the electric grid of a local city, and makes you less dependent on city services, adding to your peace of mind.


Typically an option best utilized by people with larger plots of land, it is possible and feasible to set up a solar panel or a set of solar panels in a front or backyard. The variety of styles and the ability to fully customize the way that the panels are mounted is a huge draw for those seeking to maintain absolute control over the appearance of their new, eco-friendly investment, and integrate them into the homeowner’s own style.

There is No Need to Worry about Where to Put Your Solar Panels

With the variety of options available to you to help figure out where you would like to put your solar panels, the question should go from, ‘where?’ to ‘when?’