Unique Solar Panels

Interesting Ways of Collecting Solar Energy

Solar panels are one of the sources of clean, renewable energy that more and more people are wanting to power their daily lives. Across the world, people are learning how to better harness the power of the sun, and they are benefiting from the amazing cost-effectiveness of solar power. Since solar power use is up and steadily rising, scientists and engineers continue to develop new and interesting ways for us to utilize the energy of the sun in efficient and effective ways.

Solar Roads

To some, this may be an obvious choice: with hundreds of thousands, maybe even millions of miles of highways in the United States, we only need a smooth, dark surface on which to drive our cars, big rigs, and other motor vehicles. Solar panels have the capability to be tough enough to handle the weight of multiple large vehicles, and provide the necessary traction for drivers to stop safely. The State of Oregon installed solar panels on highway medians years ago, and have since been in contact with other cities for tips and tricks on how to make these solar programs work.

Solar Driveways

Presently used to provide additional or backup power to single-family homes, solar driveways are not only a producer of green energy, but they are also incredibly subtle. Gone will be your concern about the placement of solar panels where your home is concerned. Some people don’t like the way that solar panels look on roofs, so a solar driveway makes both practical and aesthetic sense.

Solar-Powered Manufacturing Plants

For years, some businesses have utilized solar power to help their businesses. Choosing solar power over the traditional electric grid helps businesses because it saves on the expense of powering one or multiple facilities. This way, businesses are able to better allocate their revenue to more productive or more desireable endeavours. Solar power also benefits businesses in the same important way that it benefits farms and homes: tax breaks and tax credits, some quite large, are offered by national and local governments around the world.

Solar-Powered Vehicles

Perhaps the most interesting possibility is the possibility of all or most cars in the world running off of solar power. The greatest benefit to wide use of solar-powered vehicles would be eliminating the need for oil and fossil fuels in the daily lives of many people all over the world. The complaint that some have concerning solar powered vehicles is the lack of horsepower, but for most, this is not an outstanding concern. Solar cars are still able to reach speeds of roughly 100 miles per hour, and have solar panels built right onto the bodies of the vehicle. The panels can be mounted on the vehicle in a variety of ways, and absorb solar energy through cloudy skies, just as their ground-mounted counterparts also do.

Solar Energy Can Make the World Go ‘Round

While there are some limitations to the applications of solar power, it is possible now for the three major components of daily life – home, office, and private transportation – to be solar powered, and renewable. More and more homes and business are discovering the excellent money-saving benefits of solar and wind power, and some cities have actually converted their mass transit systems to run on green energy from solar and wind sources. Going solar is more feasible and available than ever before, and it is one small step that you can take to help the environment.