The Best Reasons for Solar Energy at Home

The Many Uses of Solar Energy in the Home

It’s no secret that our homes are full of devices that put a drain on our power — and on our wallets. Seasons change, we cook, we clean, and go about our daily lives in a way that cannot help but to consume energy. Utilizing solar power gives us the opportunity to continue living as we normally do, but without the waste that comes with using large amounts of electricity. The difference between using solar power and using the traditional electric grid is normally hundreds of dollars per year, which sounds like quite a bit of money, but is understandable. The average consumer does not spend very much time considering the impact of their energy consumption, but there are certainly ways that using solar power can help with better energy usage and habits overall.


We often like leaving porch lights and other outdoor lights on for security purposes, or simply to admire the home in which we live. Having lights on helps us to see, and makes us feel safe. Children may use nightlights into their teens, so it is understandable that so much electricity is consumed by lights alone. Lights alone are enough reason to consider a solar power system for your home, as savings over the first year can be substantial.


In a nation where eating is often a rushed, convenient affair, the microwave is king. Some microwaves are used for hours per day, with usage going up with when adults work from home, or children are home for academic break in summer and winter. High-wattage microwaves are a particular problem, and their answer has come in the form of solar power options, and energy-efficient microwaves slowly becoming easier to access.

Air Conditioning

Utility bills can explode during hot, sweltering summers. When all you want is a little relief, your energy company takes this opportunity to cash in on your needs, with many Americans seeing a significant rise in electricity costs for their homes in the summer months. Central air is always the preferred choice of many, but drier states often have enough wind that fans are enough to make a home comfortable. Fans usually require less power than central air conditioning, and have been modified over the years to be sleeker and quieter.


The use of electricity to heat homes in winter is on the rise. Where oil-burning and coal-burning heaters used to be, space heaters now keep the sweeping majority of Americans comfortable in winter. While the trend of buying and using space heaters may not be one that will be broken anytime soon, it is possible to rise to the occasion of the bills that they produce by using solar. Heating costs across the nation tend to overpower cooling costs. Cooling costs can be high, and frustrating, but heating costs tend to be higher as more people in the nation live where cold weather prevails. Solar energy can be utilized when the sun is not out, making the option a real possibility for saving money and lessening winter energy consumption.

Solar Panels are an Excellent Choice for Any Home

Most people are aware of the immense energy of the sun, and that utilizing the energy produced by the sun is good for the planet, and cost-effective over time.