How to Save on Your Electric During Winter with Solar Energy

Solar Panels Save You Money Year Round

Don’t be afraid to look and ask around about how you can save money. Installing solar panels can save you hundreds of dollars per year, and save on your energy bills during the winter months. Heating and lighting costs can go through the roof, and taking all of your energy from the traditional grid can and will cost more than you might be willing to pay. Reduced cost of renewable energy, combined with tax incentives, and changes that you can make in your own home will really give you the energy- (and money- ) saving advantages that you will see in your home and in your wallet.

Tune Up Your HVAC System, or Replace It

Too often, an outdated HVAC system will end up costing you far more money than simply replacing it, and installing a new system. With older homes, the process can be delicate, but newer homes have the advantage of a typically more-easily accessed and centralized unit. For a few thousand dollars, a new system can keep you more comfortable, and make better use of your solar energy, for years to come.

Programmable Thermostat

One energy-saving tip that has been around for decades is the advice to leave your thermostat at 68 degrees during colder months. While not as warm or comforting as 75 degrees, 68 degrees is just warm enough for you to make perfect use of your heavier clothing, and warm showers. Making the most of your solar energy savings means having a more efficient system, and sticking to it.

Electric Kettle

One of the lesser-known ways to save energy is by using an electric kettle to heat water. Normally, for a cup of coffee or tea, we turn to the microwave. Microwaves, though, are energy guzzlers, and even the most efficient ones that have recently come onto the market, aren’t anywhere near as efficient as a water kettle. The great thing about this energy-saving device is that it can also help you to be more efficient – one kettle will make enough water for at least two large cups of tea or coffee, enabling you to spend less time boiling water, and more time enjoying that third cup.

Slow Cooker

Another surprising addition to the list of energy-saving alternatives, this one, perhaps, provides the most motivation to eat soup and pot roast through the winter. Love coming home to fresh vegetable soup? Fill your slow cooker with the vegetable broth and vegetables and tofu, and let it cook while you’re at work, or visiting friends. For just a few dollars per year, your slow cooker will actually cook for you in a single pot, and make your solar-powered winter even cheaper.

Energy Efficient Bulb

Energy efficient light bulbs are the most popular way to save on electric bills. With super-long lives and a low price, energy efficient bulbs should be a requirement for anyone using solar energy. They are the easiest way of getting the most of your money without having to sacrifice your precious reading time.

Weather Stripping and Proper Insulation

Nearly 40% of high energy bills in winter months can be prevented by proper insulation of the home. It is surprising how few people are aware of this, or proactive about it. Weather-stripping windows and doors is a cheap, fast, and simple way to keep your warm air in, and the cold air out. Ensuring that attics and basements are insulated is another great way to save on energy bills, and to make sure that visiting either place is not a chore. With these helpful tips, you will make the most of your solar energy, and really save money while preserving natural resources.