Top 7 Cool Things You Can Use Solar Panels For

The World Can and Does Run on Solar Power

Solar power is much more accessible and flexible than you may think. Solar panels are wonderful on top of buildings or in yards, soaking up sunlight and turning it into the electricity that we need. But solar panels can also be put on cars, and propel them to about 30 miles per hour. Solar panels can be put on actual lights, used to run parking meters, and provide on-the-go power to numerous devices that you probably never knew could be powered by solar panels.

1. Solar Powered Phone Chargers

Imagine a world where you weren’t scraping by with your phone on 30%. Imagine being able to peruse your social media, send emails, or talk and text as long as you want because your phone was powered by the sun. Solar powered phone chargers have been available for a number of years, but seem to be under-utilized.

2. Solar Powered Grills

For your friend that is as serious about their steak as they are about the environment, there are solar-powered grills available to save you from burning coal and filling the atmosphere with gases.

3. Solar Powered Lantern for Activities at Night

Solar powered lanterns absorb light during the day, and provide nice, strong light during the night. Typically used by campers, this device takes the danger out of lanterns by not using kerosene next to fire, but maintains the light and shape of the lanterns everyone knows.

4. Solar Powered Table Lamp

For those of us night owls with desks next to the window, this works much like the solar lantern: charge it up during the day, and it will keep your work illuminated at night. The LED lights will last you for years.

5. Solar Powered Lights

You can stick them wherever you go from place to place, or have them installed on your driveway or outdoor steps, where they’ll light up once the sun goes down. These lights are great if you have guests that come after sundown, or you need to leave late at night because of an emergency. Keeping any and all of the stairs in and around your house well-lit is integral to your overall safety.

6. Solar Powered Speaker

Ideal if you’re camping, at a pool party, or living in a loft with lots of natural light, a solar-powered speaker is the way to go. The boomboxes of the 90s, the same ones that required several large batteries to work at all, are put to shame by the small weight and huge power of wireless speakers that need only sunlight work well.

7. Solar Powered Generator

Maybe an obvious choice for anyone that lives off the grid, or goes camping for more than a weekend at a time, a solar-powered generator, whether in your tiny, self-sustaining home, or in your tent during a camping trip, a solar-powered generator is a great tool to conserve energy without having to sacrifice using your favorite devices. Smaller solar-powered generators will often have USB outlets for your handheld devices and regular two- and three-prong outlets for your hot plate and your radio – assuming it’s not on your phone.