Why Solar is a Convenient Renewable Energy

Solar Energy is an Amazing Resource

For some, making a case for the switch to clean, renewable energy is a difficult decision, that can yield a difficult transition. Some simply aren’t convinced that solar isn’t the way to go, that other forms of clean energy is a better route. While there is no right or wrong when it comes to an individual or family’s energy needs, there are a few options to consider, and it’s okay if you end up having to weigh them against solar in order to choose an ideal addition to your home or business. When considering which source of renewable depends on where you are, what is available to you, and how your local energy company goes about obtaining green energy. Contact your local green energy company to ask what is possible for you, and get excited!

You Must Live in a State that has a Hydroelectric Dam to get Hydroelectric Power

Hydroelectric power is a wonderful resource. The beauty of it lay in the fact that rivers don’t take a break from flowing, and rarely freeze over, preventing power from getting to people that need it. Hydropower is fairly reliable, and like solar power, uses what the Earth is naturally able to provide to us to solve our energy needs. Unfortunately, to be able to use wonderful hydropower, your state has to have generators set up inside of dams that will provide the power to you, and to many. The advantage of solar panels is that they are attached to your home, or to your yard, where the sunlight picked up can be used to the extent that you need, and it doesn’t matter what state in which you currently reside.

You Must be Near a Windfarm, or Purchase Your Own Turbine for Wind Power

Wind turbines are another excellent form of clean, renewable energy, but without one, or being close to one, you won’t be able to see the benefits of reduced energy bills. Though wind turbines are beautiful, and certainly qualify for tax breaks, they are very expensive. Some wind turbines sold to private owners have been sold for nearly $80,000, a number that scares off the vast majority of people in the United States, including segments of the population who would most benefit. While it is possible for a group of people to pile resources and purchase one for the good of their community logistics can and have proven to be difficult. Should the same group of people seek to add solar panels the big question would be less, ‘Can we afford them?’ and more, ‘Where should we put them?’

Without Adding Anything, Geothermal Energy is just Heat

The same energy that we look forward to in natural, bubbling springs is the same energy that we can harness to keep homes and businesses warm during cold months. The unfortunate thing about geothermal energy (which we tap into below the Earth’s surface) is that without adding water, there will be no steam to turn a turbine, and without a spinning turbine, there is no power for a generator, which is the source of actual power for non-solar clean energy sources. Solar panels need only the panels to take in energy, and a small converter to power your coffee machine, television, and lights. Whatever works for you, make sure to ask questions and check with your family members about making the switch.