When Solar Panels Will Not Work

Solar Power isn’t for Everyone

Solar power is a wonderful innovation – taking the under-utilized sunlight that hits the surface of the earth every single day, and using it to make our lives more efficient, and more eco-friendly. Of all of the ways of getting clean, renewable energy, solar panels have risen to the top of the list of popular means, due partially to their wide availability, and relatively low cost. As great an innovation as solar power is, especially considering that solar panels usually last far longer than they’re projected to last, it simply isn’t for everyone. Using solar panels may require a change on your part, as the consumer, but should never get in the way of your life. If you aren’t able to use solar panels, don’t despair – you local green energy company may still be able to assist you, either with other options, or suggestions on how to improve your situation for solar panels.

Homes Covered by Trees

Seeing as how solar panels must have steady access to as much sunlight as possible to give you all of the energy you may need, if your home’s roof or yard is obscured by trees, vines, high hedges, or even extra-tall decorative sculptures, there may be a problem installing your solar panels. It is completely possible and probable that you will still be able to find a place to install the solar panels for your system elsewhere on your property, but smaller properties will have less space for everything. After a free consultation, a representative from the solar energy company will come to your property for an inspection, and make the determination as to whether or not you will be able to move forward and save on your electric bills with solar panels.

Apartments, Condos, Townhomes

Though multi-family dwellings are probably even better candidates for solar energy based on usage, it can be very difficult getting clearance to install solar panels. In the case of apartments, the owner of the building must consent, and permits obtained. In the case of condominiums and townhouses, there must be permission from the homeowner’s association, and possibly a vote from residents. If you’re interested in installing solar panels on your apartment or multifamily unit, make sure that you check with the necessary authorities before calling for a consultation.

At Night

Just as the sun is only available during the day, so is the majority of the solar energy produced by the sun. Be mindful of this fact if you are interested in utilizing solar panels, but live in an area of the country that has months of dark. All across the country during winter, days are shorter, and so is your time to use your solar energy. During winter in areas that are not dark for months, it is recommended that, should you not be connected with the electricity grid, you invest in a generator. Just a few thousand dollars, and you’ll be able to more efficiently power your home.

Not Everyone Wants to Pay for Them

Financial incentives or none, everyone doesn’t have the time or money for the upfront investment required to make the switch to solar. The time and money involved limits some of the possibilities to those with better means, but with the price of manufacture and installation dropping every year, it may be feasible for more people sooner than later.