Making the Most of Your Solar Energy

How to Maximize Savings When Using Solar Energy

Homeowners across America are switching to solar energy to power their homes, carports, and businesses. While saving the earth and revitalizing the planet is definitely our favorite reason to switch, many of our clients in a number of states enjoy their decreased energy bill. To help you make the most of your solar panels and using solar energy in your home, we’ve put together a short list of tips to keep your energy bill low this winter.

Use Your Appliances During the Day When Possible

Solar energy works by utilizing solar panels that convert sunlight into energy. Whatever energy you don’t use instantaneously is put back in the National Grid, not saved on a battery. Therefore, this process requires sunlight and can only be conducted during the day. Meaning, any energy you use at night comes from your energy company not solar energy. For this reason, you should try to limit the amount of energy you use at night. Try doing chores, like ironing, cooking, and washing clothes, only during the day. Only charge phones, laptops, toothbrushes, and other rechargeable batteries during the day when you can rely on your solar panels. If your shower uses electricity to heat it, use it only during the mornings instead of late at night. This way, you can utilize your solar panels and solar energy. For this same reason, you should limit your electricity usage during dark and gloomy days and try to run major appliances only when it’s sunny.

Use Only One Major Appliance at a Time

Although your solar panels produce solar energy during the day, they do produce only a limited amount of energy. Any time you exceed what is produced by your panels, you use energy from the National Grid and increase your energy bill. To avoid this, try using only one major appliance at a time. Instead of running the dishwasher and the washing machine at the same time, use one and then start the other once it’s finished. How many panels you have and how much solar energy they produce will determine just how many appliances you can use at once. To best maximize your solar energy, know the daily production of your solar panels. It isn’t an exact science, but it can help keep your energy bills low when done successfully.

Use Less Energy

The easiest way to lower your energy bill and best use your solar panels is by simply using less energy. Two very easy ways to do this are by turning off the lights when you’re not in the room and turning off the TV when you aren’t watching it. If you are looking to make even further energy cuts, hand wash your dishes instead of relying on a dishwasher. Additionally, instead of relying on a dryer to tumble dry your clothes, you can use a rack to air dry them. By doing these few small things every day, you can greatly decrease your energy usage and energy bill.