Solar power: Types of solar-powered appliances

Solar Power in Your Home

Imagine for a second a day when energy from the sun’s rays can be captured, converted into electricity, and used for everything from powering light bulbs to keeping your freezer cool. Well, you wouldn’t have to imagine very hard because that day is today, and solar energy continues to power more and more homes from California to Connecticut.

The growth of solar-powered technology

It’s no secret that solar power is clean, green, and becoming increasingly affordable for the everyday consumer. As solar power technology continues to grow and improve, more and more appliances are being developed specifically to harness the power of the sun. From cooking food to pumping water, the applications for solar power are virtually endless. Needless to say, the future of solar power is looking bright!

Everyday appliances that can use solar power

Now that solar power is no longer the makings of science fiction, there are a plethora of appliances that can be powered by solar energy. Among them include:

  • Solar-powered oven

Special ovens have been developed that use the energy of the sun t

  • Solar-powered refrigerator

Who would have guessed that the hot firey star that lights up our sky can be used to cook AND cool food? Special solar-powered refrigerators have been developed that can convert the sun’s energy into electricity used to cool its contents.

  • Solar-powered freezer

Much like the solar-powered refrigerator, the solar-powered freezer converts sunlight into energy it uses to keep its contents chilled.

  • Solar-powered lighting

Many types of solar powered lights have been developed. Many store solar electricity in batteries and can be later be used to light bulbs. Both indoor and outdoor lighting can use solar power.

  • Solar-powered water heater

Similarly solar energy can be be captured by solar panels, converted into electricity, and then power water heaters. In fact, the Burj Khalifa building in Dubai, the world’s tallest skyscraper, uses solar power to provide its tenants with heated water.

  • Your whole house

That is right! Solar power can be used as an alternative to grid-purchased electricity to supply all of your home’s electricity needs. The upfront costs of installing a residential solar power system can be recouped in just a few years thanks to rebates and the savings associated with no longer having to pay an electricity bill!

Why Solar Power?

Benefits to both consumers and the environment. First and foremost, economically speaking, solar energy is free. After the initial expenses associated with purchasing and installing solar equipment, there is no monthly energy bill from the sun charging you for utilizing its rays. Secondly, from an environmental standpoint, solar energy is clean. Unlike traditional energy which is generated from the burning of fossil fuels like coal, solar power comes from sunlight captured by solar panels and converted into clean, green electricity.

Powering your home with solar

All across the United States, homeowners and business owners alike have taken advantage of the many benefits offered by solar power. PurePoint Energy, a solar panel company based in Norwalk, Connecticut, offers a variety of solar power systems as well as solar panel installation and repair services to customers in Connecticut and southeast New York.