10 Celebrities Who Support Solar Panels

Hollywood Celebrities Who’ve Signed Up for Solar Panels

While many stars have gotten their 15 minutes of fame in the Hollywood entertainment industry, today we are taking a look a very different kind of star that is getting some much-deserved attention in Hollywood––the sun. While it may be 93 million miles away and not nearly as easy on the eyes as some of the men and women who’ve made it on the big screen, life on Earth depends on the warmth and energy provided by this massive star. Solar energy technology, including solar panels and photovoltaic cells, has allowed for the power of the sun to be harnessed for the powering of our daily lives. Realizing the economic and environmental benefits offered by solar energy technology, a number of celebrities have gotten on board the solar train by installing solar panels on their own homes and supporting programs that promote the use of solar power.

Celebrities Who’ve Gone Solar

1. Edward Norton

One of the biggest proponents of solar energy in all of Hollywood, Mr. Norton helped launch the Solar Neighbors Program. Anytime someone installs solar panels to their roof through this program, the program installs another for a family in a low-income neighborhood in South Los Angeles.

2. Tom Hanks

As if this star of countless Hollywood hits couldn’t get any more likeable, Tom Hanks has signed up for the Solar Neighbors Program, showing his support for clean, renewable energy for all. Tom Hanks is known for his starring roles in films like “Forrest Gump”, “Castaway”, and others.

3. Brad Pitt

Edward Norton’s co-star in the movie “Fight Club”, Brad Pitt is also a Solar Neighbors supporter. Offscreen, Brad Pitt is known for his involvement in a number of philanthropic ventures, including rebuilding homes in New Orleans Lower 9th Ward.

4. Danny DeVito

Given his starring role in the TV show “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia”, it should come as no huge surprise that Mr. DeVito is a big supporter of solar energy.

5. Pierce Brosnan

A big time environmentalist, Pierce Brosnan was inducted into the National Environmental Hall of Fame (yes, that exists apparently), and has installed solar panels on his Malibu home.

6. Jim Carrey

World-famous actor and funnyman Jim Carrey apparently takes solar energy quite seriously.

7. Will Ferrell

Will Ferrell is also on board with the solar power movement.

8. Scarlett Johansson

Scarlett Johansson also signed up for the Solar Neighbors program.

9. Jack Johnson

Hailing from the Aloha state, musician and singer Jack Johnson is a well-known environmentalist and promotes the use of solar energy and other eco-friendly lifestyle choices.

10. Leonardo DiCaprio

This multiple Oscar-winning movie star is very passionate about helping create a better future for our planet through renewable energy. In fact, Leonardo DiCaprio powered the set of the movie “Inception” with solar energy.

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