Solar Panels On Your Roof Against Nature

A very common question that people looking to own a solar system is whether or not it will cause leaks.

This will never happen with a good installation. While installation requires drilling holes into the roof, special attachments like flashings are used to ensure that water flows out of the way of the penetrations and protect the roof. Even then, sealants are used to fill the gaps to make sure no leakage occurs.

Solar panels themselves can survive all types of stress and strain. Rain is generally not a problem, as water just glides right off. In fact, rain helps keep panels clean, washing away dust and debris that would normally block out extra sunlight. Snow can stay on panels, but does no damage. Because panels are very dark in color, they can retain a lot of heat and snow melts off rather quickly. With hail, panels are usually tested for hits from a one inch hail stone at 50 mph, and even if a panel did take a hit, it would most likely survive and produce the same amount.

Hurricanes and wind get their own category of testing as well. Even here, panels have proven their strength. Many panels can resist wind speeds higher than the 90 mph winds most hurricanes can dish out. This is to not only ensure a long life on the roof, but to survive shipment, stacked together with other solar panels.

Solar panels actually can even prevent damage to your roof from sunlight aging and other elements. After storms you might find that your panels can handle more stress than your roof can! If you still are worried about the durability of your panels, you can get them weatherproofed, but the 25 year warranty Sunpower provides covers all weather caused damages to your panels. Either way, weather is nothing in the face of a strong PV system.