Solar Energy is Good for Connecticut

How Connecticut Benefits From Solar Energy

While Connecticut might not be the first state to come to mind when you think of sunshine, this small Northeastern state is one of the leaders in per capita production of solar energy. From New Haven to Hartford, Connecticut is a shining example of how solar energy can benefit communities. In this PurePoint Energy blog post, we will give an overview of solar energy and explore some of the ways that the state of Connecticut has benefitted from the use of solar energy and solar power technology.

What is Solar Energy?

Simply put, solar energy is energy which comes from the sun. The sun is constantly emitting heat and radiant light. Solar energy technologies such as solar panels and photovoltaic cells captures and harnesses the light and heat from the sun and converts it into energy which we can then utilize for a wide range of everyday purposes. Solar energy can be used for a variety of purposes, such as heating water, powering appliances, cooking, and many more. In Connecticut and states across the United States, solar energy is being utilized to provide power for homes, building, and businesses. As solar energy has become more and more efficient to produce thanks to technological innovation, the prices of solar energy have steadily dropped.

Who (and what) benefits from solar energy?

Solar energy is something that benefits all. While some benefit more directly than others from the widespread use of solar energy, here are 5 groups and things that benefit from solar energy in Connecticut.

  1. Consumers
    Consumers who’ve outfitted their homes and businesses with solar power technology benefit from having a free source of energy. Apart from the upfront costs for solar equipment and solar system installation, solar energy is free. The money saved on monthly energy bills can make solar panels a smart investment that pays for itself in the long term.
  2. Businesses
    Businesses across the country can benefit from the use of solar energy technology to power their day-to-day operations. Many solar businesses, like PurePoint Energy, have sprung up all over the United States, installing solar systems and creating new jobs.
  3. The economy
    Solar energy creates jobs in Connecticut and elsewhere, thus contributing to the state’s economy. Did you know that in Connecticut alone, nearly 2,000 people are employed in the solar industry?
  4. The environment
    Clean, green, and renewable, the use of solar energy helps keep tons of carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels like coal and petroleum out of our air and atmosphere. This helps keep our air clean and our planet (and bodies) healthy.
  5. You
    Last, but certainly not least, solar energy benefits you! For all the reasons listed above, solar energy is something that you should definitely get on board with if you haven’t already. Since 2007, PurePoint Energy has been serving residents and businesses in communities in Connecticut and southeastern New York State. To learn more about solar energy, visit the PurePoint Energy website or click the button below.