How is Solar Energy Green?

Eco-Friendly & Renewable Solar Energy

Green energy or clean energy is renewable, which means it comes from resources that will naturally restore constantly for use. Renewable energy includes wind, geothermal, biomass, hydroelectric, and solar. For solar, the source of energy is the sun. Because the sun rises every day, and in the foreseeable future will be there for energy use, solar is renewable.

What about Fossil Fuels?

Fossil fuels are nonrenewable natural fuels that form from the decomposition of organisms over millions of years. They are gradually buried under many layers of rock and sediment, hence the name “fossil fuel.” Coal, oil, propane and other fossil fuels are all not sustainable. Currently their usage takes up 80% of total energy use in the world, yet they are limited in amount, meaning we will eventually run those resources dry.

Fossil Fuels also pollute the Earth much more than other forms of energy. Over more recent years, we can find very obvious effects of this. In cities and urban areas, there are large amounts of smog, acid rain and chemical pollutants. On a larger scale, carbon dioxide emissions have caused global warming and major changes in climate. Mining and drilling also have immense adverse effects in the area.

Getting fossil fuel energy to homes is also very harrowing when considering the environmental effects. Extraction requires digging deep into the earth to get these resources. Aside from directly intruding in the environment, when an accident happens it will be sure to have maximum impact. Many oil spills have already shown us the results of this. Transportation of coal and fuel from drill and mining sites requires driving many miles, using even more energy and further polluting the environment, adding to the cycle of contamination.

Compared to Solar

Making a solar panel requires a lot of heating and metals. Yet compared to fossil fuels it is much cleaner. The manufacture of a panel produces 55 grams of greenhouse gases per kilowatt hour while fossil fuels produce nearly one kilogram of greenhouse gases per kilowatt hour. Sunpower panels also tend to last around 25 years, and will produce 327 watts in sunlight. In a panel’s lifetime, it will have already paid off much of the cost it was used to make. Solar energy is also very convenient. Instead of having to transport the energy like with fossil fuels, it comes straight from your roof. Extraction of the energy source requires only laying a panel in an area with little shade and does not interfere with the environment in anyway.

While 80% of energy is still non-renewable fossil fuels, getting your own solar panels for your home can help towards the clean energy revolution. If you want to make a change, choose PurePoint Energy to make your solar experience effortless!