Top Solar Myths Debunked

Solar panels are becoming a popular choice for many environmentally conscious households, businesses and industries. Despite the increase in popularity, there are still a few common misconceptions around the solar energy industry that prevent many from considering it as a viable option. Keep reading to find out the truth behind these myths so you can start reaping the benefits of solar energy!

The Misconceptions about Solar Energy

Myth #1: Solar Panels Needs Direct Sunlight

Solar panels do not require an abundance of direct sunlight. They work just fine in ambient light and produce a significant amount of energy in cool, cloudy and foggy climates. Unlike shade, fog and clouds still allow some sunlight to reach your roof. While the amount of power you’ll generate depends on how thick the fog is or how much cloud cover there is, it generally has a small impact on the overall amount of energy your panels generate. If you live in an exceptionally foggy or cloudy area, you might require a bigger solar power system than someone who lives in a sunny city.

Myth #2: Solar Panels Will Get More Efficient So I Should Wait to Invest

False! Solar panels have been using the same technology since the 1960s. While there have been moderate technology advances in the solar industry, it in no way compares to the computer or mobile phone industry, which have both come a long way in a very short time. Given the strong and stable technology profile plus the various incentives and long-term benefits, an investment in solar makes sense right now. Once installed, they will continue to make our planet a safer and more sustainable place for years to come!

Myth #3: Solar is Too Expensive

Price is one of the biggest misconceptions in the solar industry. While the cost of a solar system will vary depending on what type of solution you choose to install, the financing options and tax incentives make it quite affordable. The United States Department of Agriculture provides grants and loans to farmers who go solar and there is a 15 Year Renewable Energy Credits Contract available to businesses who go solar. Plus, farmers and businesses are both eligible for a 26% Federal Tax Credit. If you’re looking for a residential solar solution, cash rebates are available and will vary depending on the size of your installation. Homeowners are also eligible for a 26% Federal Tax Credit along with property and sales tax exemptions!

Myth #4: My Old Roof Won’t Be Able to Withstand Solar Panels

Many think that solar panels can only be installed on brand new, state-of-the-art buildings. However, solar panels can be installed on virtually any roof—no matter its age. If your roof has leaks or needs to be replaced, it would be best to schedule those repairs before installing a solar panel system. Solar panel companies will evaluate the condition of your roof before installation to make sure whatever solution you choose is safe for you and your family.

Don’t Hesitate To Get Your Solar Panels

Now that you know the truth behind the top four solar myths, it’s time for you to jump aboard the solar power bandwagon. Powering your home with clean energy is getting easier and cheaper than ever before. Get in touch with a solar panel company and start to harness the power of the sun!