Using Solar Power Around the Home

Alternative energy and environmentally friendly products are a fast growing trend in today’s society. People are actively seeking out ‘green solutions’, whether it’s having recycling bins added at their offices, buying/renting vehicles that are battery powered, or only supporting products that have been made using recycled or environmentally friendly materials. On a larger scale, many businesses, farmers, and homeowners are having solar panel systems installed in order to help generate clean, renewable energy.

Solar Power and Your Home: The Benefits and Various Uses

If you’re a homeowner who’s thinking about making the switch to solar power, but have been a bit hesitant to commit, you should understand the different benefits of having solar panels installed.

The Installation Process For Solar Panels

Firstly, it should be stated that solar power might not be available to every person who wants it. In order to have solar panels installed, there are a few basic qualifications. Firstly, effective use of solar panels requires that there be an adequate amount of sunlight in the area where you’re putting the installation. Homes or buildings that are heavily shaded by trees, or other tall structures, might not be a great fit. However, a professional solar energy company should be able to provide a free consultation that will help determine whether or not you’re eligible.

Additionally, you don’t need a newly constructed house in order to have solar panels installed. Whatever electricity is generated by solar power will go through an inverter and your building’s already existing electricity panel. This is how the power becomes useable.

3 Specific Uses For Solar Power In Your Home

There are actually a number of creative uses for solar power that most people might not be aware of, especially around the home.


Throughout the day, especially during warmer months (which could be year round depending on where you live), you might continuously be using ceiling fans, bath fans, and floor fans to circulate air and stay comfortable. Solar panels can provide a continuous source of energy for these devices, so you can stay cool wherever you want while not racking up additional electricity costs.

Water Heater

By switching to electric water heaters, you’ll remove the built in dangers that come with gas water heaters, and you’ll also be able to power them through the electricity grid in your home. Electricity generated by solar panels can be routed to help power these heaters, which will not only help you lower the electricity bill, but also put a big dent in your gas bill.

Indoor and Outdoor Lighting

With lightbulbs specifically, there has been a lot of progress in making them very energy efficient. To take it a step further, you can either have solar panels installed to generate more electricity for the home, or have portable solar installations outdoors that are specifically used for lighting.

Make the Switch to Solar Panels And Embrace Alternative Energy

Solar energy is becoming one of the most appealing forms of alternative energy that homeowners, businesses, and many others can embrace on a daily basis. Reach out to a solar energy expert who can provide a free consultation about your setup and advise you on your solar panel eligibility.