Top 10 States for Solar Power

Did your state make this list of top solar states?

From California to Connecticut, solar power is taking the Unites States by storm. This clean, renewable source of alternative energy has become increasingly economical for homeowners and business owners in recent years and its rapid growth is likely to continue as installation and upfront costs go down and the efficiency of solar technology goes up. While solar power still accounts for a small fraction of the total energy production and consumption in the United States, solar energy and other forms of renewable energy are on the rise. The Solar Energy Industries Association ranked states according to the cumulative solar electric capacity installed as of March of 2016 to come up with the top 10 states for solar power in terms of overall capacity as well as solar capacity per capita, number of solar jobs, solar capacity installed in 2015, and the percentage of new electrical capacity from solar.

Top 10 States for cumulative solar electric capacity:

Here are the top 10 states according to the cumulative solar electric capacity installed as of March 2016

1. California

The Golden State tops our list with over 13,241 megawatts (MW) of solar electric capacity and 3,319,000 homes outfitted with solar power. It also ranks first in the nation for total number of solar jobs, first in solar capacity installed in the year 2015, and third in solar capacity per capita!

2. Arizona

People in the state of Arizona are putting that intense desert sunshine to good use with over 2,303 MW of solar electric capacity and 327,000 solar-powered homes to place the state second. Arizona also ranks fourth in the nation for solar capacity per capita and seventh for solar jobs.

3. North Carolina

Coming in at third, the state of North Carolina has a cumulative solar electric capacity of 2.087 MW and 223,000 solar-powered homes. North Carolina ranks fifth in the U.S. in per capita solar capacity.

4. New Jersey

In fourth place, the Garden State has 1,632 MW of solar electric capacity and 257,000 homes with solar panels. New Jersey also ranks fifth for total solar jobs.

5. Nevada

The Silver State ranks fifth with 1,240 MW of solar electric capacity and 191,000 homes with solar panels. Nevada also boasts the highest per capita solar capacity and the third highest number of solar jobs in the nation.

6. Massachusetts

1,020 MW of installed solar capacity combined with solar power technology in 163,000 homes puts Massachusetts in 6th place. Massachusetts also ranks second in the U.S. for the number of solar jobs.

7. New York

At number seven, the Empire State has 638 MW of solar capacity and 108,000 solar-powered homes. It ranks fourth nationally for total solar jobs.

8. Hawaii

The Aloha state is number eight on this list with 564 MW of solar electric capacity and 146,000 homes using solar power.

9. Colorado

Colorado has 540 MW of total solar electric capacity and 103,000 solar-powered homes.

10. Texas

Last on our list, the Lone Star State has 543 MW of solar capacity and 57,000 solar-powered homes.

Help Connecticut make the list

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