3 Myths about Solar Panels Busted

Dispelling popular misconceptions about where solar panels can be installed and be effective.

All across the United States (and around the world) more and more people are realizing the benefits of outfitting their homes with solar panels as a clean and renewable source of energy. Despite the rapidly growing popularity of solar power systems, many people mistakenly believe myths about where solar panels can be installed and still effectively harness the sun’s rays to convert into electricity. While these limiting misconceptions might make sense, a closer look can disprove these 3 myths once and for all and open up the possibility for installing solar panels where homeowners previously thought it was not possible.

3 Misconceptions about the limitations of solar panels

1. Myth 1: You need to have a south-facing roof to capture the sun’s energy with solar panels

While it is true that south-facing roofs are optimum for capturing solar energy, it doesn’t mean it’s necessary. In fact, an orientation of anything between 180 degrees east and west should work just fine for rooftop solar panels. North-facing solar panels, however, are still not a good idea as they are facing away from the sun and will therefore not be able to capture much of the energy given off through solar rays.

2. You need to live in a hot climate for solar panels to work

Also demonstrably false. A popular misconception about solar panels is that it’s the heat from the sun that makes them work when, in truth, it’s the sunlight. Solar panels can work as effectively in Alaska as in Florida. Moreover, it is a little-known fact that cold weather can actually help solar panels perform more efficiently.

3. Solar panels can’t work under cloudy skies

While no one can be blamed for making this assumption, it is not entirely correct. While clouds obviously reduce the amount of sunlight solar panels can capture, modern solar panel technology is so efficient that it can even capture the ambient light that manages to penetrate cloud cover. Because of this, solar panels are able to operate effectively in cloudy and foggy climates in places like San Francisco, Seattle, and Denver.

Solar Panels in Connecticut

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