North Salem

Installing Solar Panels in North Salem

We Can Help You Achieve Your Solar Goals

Ever since our company’s founding in 2007, PurePoint Energy has been focused on bringing solar energy systems and solutions to people around New York. We know that you might not know too much about solar energy right now and that this could give you hesitation. To get you the answers you need, we offer 100% free consultations, as well as property evaluations to see just how much you can benefit from solar energy.

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Benefits of Choosing Solar

There really are no upfront costs or obligations! If you do decide to get a solar energy system with our North Salem solar company, we can get right to work on securing permits, solar incentives, parts, and more. You will be equipped to harness the sun sooner than you think.

You can make your property the talk of North Salem with solar energy, which brings these benefits and more:

  • Reduced monthly energy costs due to harnessing the power of the sun
  • Low maintenance cost thanks to our systems’ high durability
  • Minimized installation cost by utilizing federal and state tax credits
  • Increased property value once the installation is complete

Why North Salem is Great for Solar Energy

The small community of North Salem, New York is near the Connecticut border. There are plenty of opportunities to equip residential, commercial, and agricultural properties with solar energy systems. If you own a farm in North Salem, we can help you choose a spare plot of land to use for your solar system, where it can easily capture solar energy year-round.

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