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PurePoint Energy has been leading the way in creating a healthier and more energy efficient Connecticut for future generations. We offer a variety of solar panel services to property owners throughout the state, including New Haven. We provide a selection of customized solar energy solutions for commercial, residential, and agricultural purposes. We know that plenty of our clients will wonder why solar is a good fit for them. Our expert team of solar energy professionals will be with you every step of the way to address any concerns that may arise during the whole process. We’ll make the process easy to understand and guide you through the timeline. We’ll also assist you with acquiring any of the financial incentives you are eligible for. Contact one of our solar energy experts now to find out if you’re eligible to receive solar panels.

Why New Haven is a Great Fit for Solar Energy

New Haven is located on New Haven Harbor on the northern shore of the Long Island Sound in New Haven County Connecticut, which comprises the outside limits of the New York Metropolitan area. It is the second largest city in Connecticut with a population of about 130,000 residents, and also home to Yale University, one of the most prestigious universities in the world.

5 Reasons To Go Solar Today

1. Save money - Reduce monthly energy costs and benefit from the long-lasting value of a durable solar energy system. According to Project Sunroof, over 20 years you'll save $20,000 off of your utility bills. That's $1,000 a year that you could be saving before tax cuts and rebates.

2. Take advantage of federal and state tax credits - These available solar rebates are designed in order to help offset the initial costs of switching to solar. According to Connecticut's Residential Solar Investment Program, the Connecticut Green Bank offers a rebate of $0.463 per watt. So if you invest in a 5kW solar system, you'll get $2,315 in return just for the installation.

3. Add value to your home - If you ever decide to sell. Clean, sustainable, full-scale energy solutions that are customized to your property add a tremendous amount of value. Homes that are seen as eco-friendly are increasingly in higher and higher demand and that trend should only intensify.

4. Increase your independence from the electrical grid - Take your power into your own hands and become self sufficient when it comes to powering your own home. These protects you in case of power outages or in the extreme circumstance of an electrical grid getting hacked.

5. To lessen your carbon footprint - Solar energy is one of the cleanest and most efficient types of energies in the world. The sun's power is hitting your property relentlessly, why not contact your New Haven County solar company and harness the strongest power source in our solar system for your own good?

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