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Installing Solar Panels in Fairfield

Everything You Need for Energy Independence

Homeowners in particular have more incentive than ever to get custom solar panels installed, and most of that is due to advancements in the technology and construction of solar panels. More specifically, homeowners can now install the SunPower Equinox™ home solar system. This system was designed for flexibility and optimized for simplicity. That means that regardless of what type of home you have, the system does not have as many components and does not require as much space as older or more ‘traditional’ styles of solar panel systems. Despite all this, it is still more than efficient enough to generate the amount of electricity that helps reduce overall costs and carbon footprint. There are plenty of alternative options available as well, given how accessible solar energy is. Even if you can’t get a full roof layout, there are still other options like your yard, solar carports, and more!

Our solar energy systems can help you in a wide range of ways, including:

  • Reducing monthly energy costs
  • Federal and state tax credits and available solar rebates to help offset the initial costs of switching to solar
  • Clean, sustainable energy solutions that are customized to your property and designed to add value

Ready to learn more? Call our experts at (203) 989-2905 today to schedule your free estimate!

Experience & Reliability

When it comes to finding solar panels in Fairfield, you can trust the experts at PurePoint Energy. Founded in 2007, our team of solar energy experts have worked with clients all throughout Connecticut who want to help the environment by reducing their carbon footprint. We offer turnkey, comprehensive solar solutions for commercial clients, homeowners, and agriculture experts.

Our process starts with a completely free over the phone evaluation to determine your solar eligibility. Then, we visit your property for solar energy mapping purposes, all without charging you a cent. Finally, we’ll come to you with a customized solar energy solution, make any adjustments based on your feedback, and then establish a timeline for completion. We also take care of getting all the required permits and obtaining the financial solar incentives that will greatly reduce the cost of your project.

Why Fairfield Is a Great Fit for Solar Energy

Located along the Gold Coast of Connecticut, Fairfield has been ranked as one of the top 10 best places to live in the entire country and the best place to live in the Northeastern United States. Fairfield is home to the headquarters of General Electric Co., one of the largest multinational conglomerate corporations in the entire world. Given that is home to one of the most influential companies in the world, it makes sense that property owners in Fairfield are ideal candidates for solar energy.

What’s great about a state like Connecticut is that the government offers different grants to homeowners, farmers, and businesses to help lower any installation cost. A number of states are doing this because they want to encourage more and more people to embrace alternative forms of energy to decrease carbon footprints as much as possible. We’re helping make Fairfield a healthier environment for generations to come.

If you’re ready to start exploring what it might be like to invest in and start utilizing electricity from a solar energy system, our team of friendly and dedicated experts is ready to help.

Simply contact our team today and we’ll start looking into what a solar solution for your business might look like!