Solar Sheds

Getting Creative with Solar Panel Placement Ways To Use Solar Panels

  • Pumping and Storing Water
  • Solar-Powered Lighting System
  • Equipment Charging Stations
  • Cooling Systems
  • Electronic Door Locks

Besides taking advantage of an almost limitless power source in the sun, solar panels are improving the way that farmers live and work on a daily basis. Go Solar Today One of the reasons we love what we do is because we know that the results of our work help make our planet a safer, more sustainable place for generations to come.

Helping Create A Solar Connecticut

Learn About Solar Energy and Your Farm

  • FarmsFarms Invest in your farm’s future by installing solar panels that offer reduced energy costs and a dependable green solution. Learn More
  • Grant WritingGrant Writing The Farm Reinvestment Grant provides funds to Connecticut farmers in order to expand and improve current working farms. Learn More
  • Animal StructuresAnimal Structures Provide power to structures that house cattle, poultry, or other farm animals with grounded or roof solar installations. Learn More
  • Solar Case StudySolar Case Study Take a look at one of our past agriculture projects and see how solar panel installations have transformed a local farm. Learn More

More often than not, your farm isn’t going to consist of one or two buildings sandwiched next to each other. There could be acres of open spaces between buildings, all of which need some form of electricity for one purpose or another. Part of the reason that solar panels are becoming more and more popular is that they offer an unprecedented level of flexibility when it comes to providing power to locations all around your farm. Now, rather than spend money paying for lengthy wiring that will only ramp up your electric bill, you can reduce electric costs and get power in places you didn’t think were possible by taking advantage of smart solar panel placement.

The Ideal Solar Energy Solution

Since every farm is different, there definitely isn’t a ‘right’ or ‘best’ way to take advantage of solar energy. Fortunately, our experts and PurePoint have been helping farmers and their families find ideal solutions for their needs since 2007, and have the experience and knowledge necessary to help transform your life.

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