Solar Farming 101

What You Need for a Solar Farm

Solar Farming

One of the best aspects of using solar panels is they allow you to create independent power sources for a variety of uses around your farmland, even those in remote locations that otherwise would be a hassle to power. This means you’ll have a more balanced electric bill year round, and power where and when you need it most.

We often get asked, “Can I make money off my land with solar?” The answer depends on several factors. Here’s a quick checklist to determine if you have a good site for a solar farm in Connecticut:

3-Phase Power

  • 3-phase power lines can take much more power than single phase power.
  • Ideally, power lines are no more than 300 feet from the panels.


  • At least seven acres of land, but some projects could be over 100 acres.
  • Land that is flat or sloping gently south and free of trees, wetlands, and land use restrictions

Power has different value depending on where it is used or sold. The higher the value of the power, the better return for the solar project.

  • Highest Value: Use the Power Yourself and offset the retail rate.
  • 2nd Highest Value: Sell the power to a next door neighbor. The power cannot cross a street.
  • 3rd Highest Value: Virtual Net Metering allows an Agricultural Producer to sell power to a farm or municipality within the same utility.
  • Lowest Value: Selling directly to the grid at the wholesale rate.

Getting Solar Panels has Never Been Simpler

  • Over the phone qualification
  • Solar energy mapping
  • Free initial consultations
  • Customized, accurate proposals
  • Installation & performance monitoring

Since 2007, PurePoint Energy has been leading the charge to help transform communities all across Connecticut through the use of clean, sustainable solar energy. Our dedication to providing a high-quality customer experience and only the best products will benefit families for generations to come.

Contact Us Today At PurePoint Energy, we are dedicated to providing solar electric projects that make our clients’ lives, our communities, and our planet a better place. We pay attention to the details so that our clients are delighted with the experience today and the results for decades to come. Depending on the type of solar electric project that you are interested in, we can even help you with the paperwork, making the transition to solar power easier for you.

Generating a Solar Connecticut

Learn About Solar Energy and Your Farm

  • Grant WritingGrant Writing The Farm Reinvestment Grant provides funds to Connecticut farmers in order to expand and improve current working farms. Learn More
  • ShedsSheds Smaller, isolated buildings like sheds, storage spaces, and workshops present great spots for solar panel installation. Learn More
  • AnimalsAnimal Structures Provide power to structures that house cattle, poultry, or other farm animals with grounded or roof solar installations. Learn More
  • Solar Case StudySolar Case Study Take a look at one of our past agriculture projects and see how solar panel installations have transformed a local farm. Learn More

Financial Benefits of Running a Solar Farm: What’s in it for me?

Highest Value / Higher Risk

  • You can own the power plant. You get the incentives and revenue streams.
  • The investment scope for solar investments start around $2 million.
  • There are many federal income tax incentives for solar projects. To make the economics work, you will need a tax appetite for a 30% tax credit in addition to the depreciation value ($600,000+). There is also a possibility for you to sell you tax benefits.

Medium Value / Medium Risk

  • Develop the project with PurePoint Energy
  • We will help you with permits, utility, and incentives. The goal is to get the project “Shovel Ready.”
  • You can expect it to cost between $100,000 to $150,000 to get the project ready to go. There is a risk that the project could fall through due to various “deal killers.”
  • The goal is typically to sell the project to an investor at the end and get a developer fee. The value to you would be between $600,000 to $1,000,000 for a 10-Acre Project.

Low Value / Low Risk

  • You have the option to simply lease the land.
  • We will help you with permits, utility, and incentives. The goal is to get the project “Shovel Ready.”
  • This type of investment will be about will be about $3,000–$5,000 per acre per year.

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