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Leasing Land for Solar Energy

Connecticut Solar Energy Systems for a Better Tomorrow

Here at PurePoint Energy, we are constantly looking for new ways to use solar energy to improve communities and make the planet more sustainable. We are proud to offer solar power to a variety of residential, agricultural, and commercial properties, but that isn’t all. We are interested in utilizing your land for a new solar project. If you are interested in leasing your land for a renewable energy project, our team may have an offer for you.

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Why Choose PurePoint Energy?

When you choose to work with our team, you can rest easy knowing you are receiving the best solar energy and the best service available. We use only high-quality photovoltaic panels with beautiful and functional designs. Our technicians are highly trained and well qualified, and moving to solar can help you through tax credits and other incentives.

About Solar Land Leasing

If you have a large plot of land, you may be wondering what you might be able to do with your property to ensure it is utilized in a functional, profitable way. With solar land leasing, you can lease your unused or underused land to our company, where the property will be converted into a solar farm. The installation of solar panels on the property will enable other companies and people in the community to use solar panel in a variety of ways, while you, the landowner, benefit from the additional income.

Who Is a Potential Candidate?

Currently, PurePoint Energy is interested in leasing between 3-10 acres of land for solar use. While not necessary, property with 3-Phase Power at the street is preferred. Ideally, landowners will be able to provide a 20-year lease.

If are a landowner interested in gaining an additional income for your idle land, our team may be interested in leasing your land. Contact PurePoint Energy today to discuss your options with our team.

Taking Advantage of Solar Energy

  • Cooling and Ventilation
  • Lighting
  • Gate and Door Locks
  • Equipment Charging
  • Water Systems

Together, we’re creating change that everyone can get behind. Go Solar Today Agriculture is a huge part of what makes Connecticut so successful. Since 2007, we’ve been working closely with farmers to not only find solar energy solutions for their daily lives, but providing the next generation of farmers with a cleaner, more sustainable Earth.

Powering Solar Change in Connecticut

Learn About Solar Energy and Your Farm

Our clients are our #1 priority, which starts from the moment you contact us. (203) 989-2905

  • FarmsFarms Invest in your farm’s future by installing solar panels that offer reduced energy costs and a dependable green solution. Learn More
  • Grant Writing Grant Writing The Farm Reinvestment Grant provides funds to Connecticut farmers in order to expand and improve current working farms. Learn More
  • Sheds Sheds Smaller, isolated buildings like sheds, storage spaces, and workshops present great spots for solar panel installation. Learn More
  • Solar Case StudySolar Case Study Take a look at one of our past agriculture projects and see how solar panel installations have transformed a local farm. Learn More

In our years of experience working with farmers and helping them embrace the many benefits of solar energy, we’ve learned a lot about the work that goes into their everyday lives. There can be a lot to manage, and the last thing that people want to worry about is their electric bill. Fortunately, more and more farmers are using solar panels to provide electricity to buildings around their farm that were either too costly to power before, or simply too distance from a main energy source. Taking care of your livestock is crucial to your success, and we’re working with farmers to find new and creative ways to take advantage of solar energy.

Finding Your Ideal Solar Solution

Depending on the size of your livestock or animal buildings, your ideal solution probably won’t match a project we’ve had before. That being said, we know how to find what’s will be best for your setup, and will happily make any adjustments or take any suggestions you present while we work together as you switch to solar.