Using Solar Panels to Create a Better Connecticut

Solar Experts for all your Residential, Agriculture, and Commercial Needs

Established nearly a decade ago, PurePoint Energy has been providing cities in Connecticut with high-quality and long-lasting solar energy solutions. We only use the best solar panels and larger systems for our site installations, and will work with you to create a completely custom project best suited for your specific needs. Our experienced team of solar energy specialists have helped a wide variety of clients throughout Connecticut, including residential homeowners and agriculture experts who are looking to create a healthier environment for their families, all while saving on electric costs. Besides a decrease in your monthly electric bill, residents will be pleased to know that there are tax breaks offered by the federal government related to solar panel installations. Our Norwalk solar experts provide a high level of customer support throughout the entire process, and answer any questions you have along the way.

We do get a lot of concern regarding not only installation costs, but how any sort of installation might impact the value or aesthetic appeal of any given property. One of the first things to point out is that a paid off and properly installed solar panel system can actually increase value of real estate, making it even more appealing to homeowners. Thanks to even more advances in the industry, solar panels are not as bulky and can still effectively generate electricity where they’re installed.