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2015's Best Solar Contractors LogoSince 2007, PurePoint Energy has been a leading solar power provider in Connecticut. We’re passionate about delivering high-quality, customized solar energy solutions to all our clients as we strive to improve their communities and make our planet a safer, more sustainable place for the future. We offer a wide range of products and a first-class experience that will transform the way you live your life for decades to come.

SunPower EquinoxTM

Introducing the SunPower EquinoxTM Home Solar System

The SunPower EquinoxTM:

  • Is the only complete home solar system with all components designed to work together perfectly.
  • Has the most powerful panels available for homes.
  • 70 % more energy with 70% fewer visible parts.
  • Product Warranty of 25 years for the system on the roof.


The Benefits of Solar Panels

  • Clean, Sustainable Energy
  • Customized Solar Solutions
  • Long-Lasting Value

  • Federal and State Tax Credits
  • Available Solar Rebates
  • Reduced Energy Costs

Why Solar?

Getting Solar Panels has Never Been Simpler

Our clients are always the #1 priority, and this starts from the moment you contact us. We make the process of finding solar panels for sale as easy and stress free as possible:

1. Over the Phone Qualification

2. Solar Energy Mapping

3. Free Consultation

4. Customized, Accurate Proposal

5. Installation and Performance Monitoring

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Solar Power Systems

Learn more about the solutions we offer for agriculture, commercial, and residential clients.

  • Agriculture Solar Panels on a Farm


    We bring farmers a customized proposal that offers sustainable, clean energy to benefit their family and local community for generations to come.
  • Commercial Solar Panels on High Rise Buildings


    Transform your business with solar panel installation. Our projects are designed and constructed to last so you can gain the best return on investment possible.
  • Residential Solar Panels on a House


    Our high-quality home solar panels will reduce your electric bill while giving your family, neighborhood, and community a brighter future.

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